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Over the past three years we have been able to help over 450,000 hosts build and grow their Airbnb Businesses from the ground up.  We will help you too!
Benefit from Our Experience and Ability to Teach
We are a team of Airbnb hosts and have studied the entire industry on a global scale.  We are also VERY effective teachers which makes it easy for you to learn the critical lessons for success.
Meet Your Lead Instructor

Symon He

A former host, Symon and business partners built their Airbnb business from zero to up to 8 listings at one point.   Now host advocate and educator, Symon has taught and coached 1000's of hosts going from total beginner to profitable hosts, many even becoming superhosts within their 1st three months!   He sources the tips and strategies from his 100K+ host blog readers from around the world, and distills the best for his students.  

He is also a real estate expert and business consultant based out of Los Angeles, CA as well as a best-selling real estate instructor with over 40,000 students. 

Symon holds Bachelors in Engineering and Economics from UC Irvine and an MBA from Stanford University. 
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Airbnb Hosting Video Series
Lifetime Access: Seven learning modules to teach you essential & proven techniques to build and grow your very own profitable Airbnb Hosting Business.  Get INSTANT Access to the first lesson right after you join!
Direct Access to Instructor
You get priority access to the instructor to answer your questions.  We usually respond within 24 hours to any student inquiries.  It's like having a coach! :)
Perfect Airbnb Listing Workshop
Get access to a 2-hour STEP-by-STEP video walk through of Jim creating a listing on Airbnb.  Learn EXACTLY what to put in your listing, how to get more bookings, and how to improve your Search Rank.
What is in the Course?
  •  Module 0: Getting Oriented and Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hosting
  • Module 1: Knowing The Prize - How to Market Research to Determine Your Profit Potential
  •  Module 2: Before You Publish - Everything You Need to Do To Get Your Listing Ready
  •  Module 3: Listing Mastery - The A-Z Strategies to Crafting a Winning Listing From Day 1
  •  Module 4: Pricing Mastery - Beginner to Advanced Pricing Strategies for Maximum Profits
  •  Module 5: Guest Mastery - How to Consistently Deliver 5-Star Guest Experiences
  •  Module 6: Extras - More Strategies To Improve Profits and Minimize Headaches
  •  Q&A Sessions: Recorded Q&A Sessions Fielding Questions Directly from Students
  •  Priority Access:  Get Priority Access to Lead Instructor!
Also, Your Bonus Offers Include... 
Real Estate Investment Course
With over 40,000 successful students, Symon will teach you helpful techniques to analyze and evaluate fix and flips and rental income properties.  This is an additional course, yours included.
Two Airbnb Expert Discussions
Derek Davis of Shared Economy CPA and Andrew Carlone of Coral Life spent 1 hour each with us to discuss Preparing US Airbnb Taxes and How to Create a 5-Star Guest Experience.  A MUST watch!
LearnAirbnb Mastermind Group
Do you find it difficult to get ahold of a real person at Airbnb to help you?  You will LOVE our private Facebook group. You get direct access to ask questions and share your success!
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Learn host tested, proven strategies
This course is helpful for 
Airbnb hosts in EVERY COUNTRY
The useful advice and tips we teach in this course can be used in ANY country that Airbnb hosts operate in.

From the USA, UK, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, and beyond...we have you covered. 

 We promise, or your money back!
REAL results from our successful students!
Joey King
Airbnb Super Host in Houston, TX
“I wasn't sure this would be a good fit, since I've been hosting for almost a year now and have some pretty sophisticated spreadsheets of my own. 

Despite my hang-ups, the on-call expertise of Jim & Symon --- and the infinitely more sophisticated models from LearnAirbnb-- were totally worth it

The access to business grade tools and one-on-one support are the real value to my AirBnB business, and helped me to kick start a second wave of growth at my Houston property.”
Jill Sloan
Airbnb Super Host in San Diego, CA
“The course was invaluable to me.  

I took it before I became a host and was glad I did.  

All the areas of hosting were covered thoroughly so that I felt confident in hosting guests from the get-go. 

The material covered in the course was very complete as I am now hosting with confidence.”

Maria Harper
Airbnb Host in Conshohocken, PA
Our Students Experience 
Airbnb Super Host Success!

LearnAirbnb Hosting Masterclass

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LearnAirbnb Hosting Masterclass

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